Neighbors Liken Woman’s Loud Sex Noises To Donkey

by RICK RODAY on July 10, 2018

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I’m a passionate but soft-spoken man. My general goal whenever I leave the house is to make as little noise as possible and my entire social life is built around carrying conversations in public with nonverbal communication. Unfortunately, when I do get excited I squeal with uncontrollable joy.

Depending on who you ask, giggling during sex is either the best or worst part of the Rick Roday experience. It’s not something I do constantly or even that loud- I just laugh when I’m happy and it usually doesn’t bother anybody.

However, the same can’t be said for a British woman from Stapleford, Nottinghamshire.

According to a post on a public Facebook page maintained by the community, numerous residents have complained about an unidentified woman who is very audible during sex. While loud love making is hardly worth complaining about on social media, according to ear witnesses the woman sounds “like a cross between a donkey giving birth and a very large excitable pig.” Oof.

Comments about the woman were made on a Facebook page called “Spotted: Stapleford” where members of the community can make passive aggressive comments about their neighbors. This seems like a very British way of dealing with minor disputes between neighbors.

As many posters pointed out the problem isn’t that a woman has loud sex in their neighborhood, it’s that the noises she makes are inappropriate and exaggerated. Maybe even weird enough to be criminal?

We once read about a man from Italy who was arrested for having loud sex with his girlfriend. The lovers caused such a ruckus in his apartment that 12 neighbors banded together and filed official complaints with the police. Officers had no other recourse but to arrest the man and charge him with disturbing the peace. Hmph!

Meanwhile for our anonymous heroine in Stapleford, things haven’t gotten that drastic yet. She even has a handful of supporters on the very same Facebook page that saw the humor in her unusual sex noises and suggested that the people complaining are probably just jealous.

I’m kind of inclined to agree with them. Game recognize game.


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