New Drug Promises To Straighten Curvy Penises

by Calvin Clark on March 5, 2019

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It took me a while to get over my weird bendy penis. I was really self-conscious about it and was hesitant to take it out which made having sex rather difficult. Eventually I wandered into the kill zone of an older, more experienced lover who assured me I was not the only one whose penis has an elbow.

While I may have come to grips with my boomerang cock, a lot of other men have not. Some of these men with curvy dicks are probably scientists, because a company named Auxulium Pharmaceuticals claims to have developed a drug that straightens bent penises. The drug is called Xiaflex and has already passed two clinical trials. The results are genuinely positive, with curvature being reduced from 48 degrees to 31 after a year of treatment. While this doesn’t sound like a dramatic decrease, it’s better than nothing.

If that’s the whole story then it sounds like everyone with a curved penis should run to their doctors with fists full of cash, right? Wrong. Scientific progress doesn’t come without a price.

While science may be pretty badass, we’re still a quite far from inventing a pill that makes your dick straighter. Xiaflex is administered straight to the penis through injections – 8 injections over several months. During that time patients must endure pain, swelling and a buildup of “penis plaque” which must be broken up by a doctor manually.

According to Auxulium, 5% of men suffer from Peyronie’s disease, which is the fancy medical name for elbow dick. This means that 65,000 to 120,000 Americans are walking around with periscope boners, and are potential customers for this product. Other options for treatment include surgical procedures that cause erectile dysfunction and shorten the penis entirely. Yikes!

Personally, I would rather keep rocking what I have than suffer through any of these procedures, but if it sounds like something you would try then by all means have at it.

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