Facebook App Helps Friends “Bang With Friends”

by Calvin Clark on September 20, 2016

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Perhaps the most complicated aspect of using Facebook is figuring out which former classmates, coworkers, or casual acquaintances are down for casual sex. The process of trying to determine this can lead to unnecessary friendships and complex passive aggressive power struggles.

Thankfully, an app I just discovered called Bang Friends hopes to take all of the guess work out of having sex with people you know.

The app puts all of your friends that are interested in sex on a list and lets you go through and indicate which ones you would sleep with. The other person doesn’t know that you would fuck them unless they also indicate that they would sleep with you, at which point you both receive an email. Essentially, you could just take endless shots in the dark until you hit your mark – it’s like a really hot version of Battleship.

For those who prefer the touch of the opposite sex and who enjoy using Facebook, it sounds like a fairly risk free way to find out who’s there to fuck and who’s there to post cat videos.

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