Nicki Minaj Gets Super Cleavy On The Cover Of Rolling Stone

by Lola Byrd on January 11, 2015

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Nicki Minaj is on the latest cover of Rolling Stone Magazine and although she’s wearing what appears to be a damp wife beater there is no hint of nipple, which is highly suspect. As in, I suspect photoshop.

Right, so her nipples are missing in action, but the cover is still pretty hot what with all the cleavage going on. I can’t say much about the string of Chinese character tattoos on her arm, but I like everything else that’s going on.



And surprise, surprise, the Nicki Minaj Rolling Stone pics were taken by none-other than Terry Richardson.


The stark white background is a dead giveaway.

We hadn’t heard from Terry (Uncle Bad Touch) Richardson in a while. I thought the whole controversy surrounding the “alleged” assaults he committed on some models had sort of put a damper on his career, but I was mistaken.

There is no shortage of celebrities and non-celebrities who wish to be celebrities who are willing to pose for Terry Richardson. A quick look at his blog and it’s obvious the assault allegations mean nothing to the likes of Jared Leto, Peter Fonda, Elle Fanning, and Dolly Parton, among others.

Then again, he hasn’t been convicted of anything, so it’s hard to judge someone based on allegations.

  • What do you Peepz think, should we boycott Terry Richardson?
  • Who cares we like his pics?
  • He sucks, let’s move on already?

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Image: Nicki Minaj in Rolling Stone by Terry Richardson

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