Nicki Minaj Works It On Instagram With Sexy Pics

by Lola Byrd on February 13, 2014

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We don’t talk about Nicki Minaj as often as we should. She must get up to the same shenanigans as the Rihannas and Lady Gagas of this world, right, so where’s her steady influx of sexy pics?! I want some gratuitous nudity, dammit. Nicki’s Instagram should basically be a porn feed, but for someone as popular as she is, it’s been sorely lacking in activity and sexiness.

The tide might finally be changing, however, with Nicki finally catching on and taking a cue from Bad Gal Riri. Getting all dolled up for a video shoot is the perfect Kodak moment. Your hair is done, your makeup is done, you’re sure to be wearing something sexy, go for it and click click click away. It’s only a press of a button, you can do it. Even if your nails are veritable talons.

In the words of Alpha Harlot, those nails make my pussy hurt.

Nicki usually has so much going on in the hair and makeup department that I could almost call this a no makeup look, you know, if it wasn’t for the several layers of makeup. I do love her hair like that, though. The high ponytail (and/or topknot) and dark natural color really works for me. With all the candy colored hair out of the way, it’s like I can finally see her face and, low and behold, she’s pretty.

Oh, and that body suit with the strategic cut outs is pretty damn perfect. It looks like it was made for her body, and it probably was… point is, damn dat ass. But even better yet, holy shit those hips. Those hips look like they could break a man’s heart with one roll. Yup, definitely digging this new look.

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