Nicki Minaj Sex Tape…. We Have A Still, But Is It BS?

by Bucky Beall on December 20, 2010

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We’re big fans of Nicki Minaj here at the office, both of her music and her brain-meltingly fine bod…. I’d drink her fucking bathwater…someday I will drink her bathwater…that’s how I’m going down, that’s how I violate my probation – breaking into Nicki Minaj’s house when’s she’s not home to lick her bathtub.

She’s supposedly feuding with our other favorite chick rapper, Lil Kim, and as much as I heart Nicki –  Kim’s going to come out on top of that. The feud does give some power to my rich fantasy life, it gives me reason to picture them fighting, then KuniManning (which is the act of two female rivals having lesbian hate sex, named from the Natalie Portman-Mila Kunis carpet munching in Black Swan) all night long to make up.

Since celeb sex tape rumors are all the rage, it only makes sense we’d start hearing talk of a Nicki Minaj sex tape. The story is going around that a very graphic video is in some scumbag’s hands and scumbag is trying to sell it off for 10 grand. One webpage has a still from the supposed video but it’s grainy and has watermarks and blurred out breasts.

I call bullshit on the sex tape, or at least this still, it just looks like some chick with similar hair. Then, who knows? I have some pics of Nicki Minaj below and then below them the  supposed still. We set up a poll so you can let us know if you think it’s her. If it looks familiar and you think it’s a pornstar you recognize, let us know in the comments!

Now here’s the still from the “sex tape”:

Is this pic from a Nicki Minaj sex tape?

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  • Anonymous

    I don’t think it’s her but maybe I just feel burned from the lindsay lohan naked pic that turned out not to be her

  • It TOTALLY looks likes her and she seems like the kinda chick to make a sex tape….let’s bet on it.

    • Anonymous

      I agree she’d make a sex tape but I don’t think this it, how much do you want to bet?

      • Anonymous

        hows this for a bet Jordan, If you lose you have to sleep with that guy who panhandles for change in the subway station, If I lose I have to sleep with a beautiful high class call girl (which is a negative because her fee will bankrupt me)

  • Nyli14

    nicki minaj sexy thick ass i hpe she show us titty shot or upskirt one day

  • Sitonmyface

    I think it’s pornstar Roxy Reynolds

  • Joker50

    who the fuck is she???

  • md

    that’s pornstar bella moretti…but i admit, it does look like Nicki…

  • CIAO

  • Bigmoneyrobinson

    Dat aint her

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