Nicole Aniston Pornstar Video Interview

by Bucky Beall on November 22, 2011

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This isn’t a video where pornstar Nicole Aniston delivers a prime scene of hot wank material, this is video where she delivers some TRUTH! Nicole is very candid and honest and pulls no punches in our interview, from her opinions on her fellow porno performers to what she’d change in her life to what it is about Nicole Aniston that people need, she gives us answers no one saw coming.

Of course along with these insights we also get to find out why she masturbates after shooting a scene, why she’s doesn’t want a man to tell her he’s going to eat her out, how male models have no chance with her, what she won’t do in front of the cameras, and, as always, that’s not all!

Rock yourself to Nicole Aniston in action in Wild Girls, the porn version…well the pornier version….of the classic erotic thriller Wild Things. Be sure to catch this blackmail, lesbian, crime, threeway, saga at this link: Wild Girls

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  • Asd

    that interview made her 100 times hotter

  • Amr_19994

    she is very hot

  • Ak Vns1008

    you are unbelieving and very hot .

  • webster

    wow, I really like her.

  • Parmosiregar

    does she has another name? I love her

  • wow Irealy like her very good

  • Wowaldo

    она шикарна…

  • Xanatos_29

    Nicole Aniston has some Wicked sexy blue eyes.

  • Starbury_182

    nicole aniston is the wickedest pornstar around

  • Starbury_182

    there are actually a load of wicked things i would do to nicole lawl but I like her personality too! she seems real and stuff and like laughing in most her vids… she seems like a real cool chick! lol and shes wicked hot 😉

  • Romo89502

    I may have to change my top 3 adult performers and put Nicole in there.

  • Nicole Aniston is hot as hell. And with those stockings, that hair and that voice tone can drive any person in the world totally crazy for her!

  • Hugo

    I love this girl,
    who has?  I don’t know,   but i love it

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