Nicole Kidman In Rough Sex & Consent Edgeplay Photoshoot!

by Lola Byrd on October 1, 2014

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I was a fan of Nicole Kidman from Dead Calm, to Far and Away, and all the way to Moulin Rouge. I was even into her when she did The Others, and Dogville, but she started loosing me right around the The Stepford Wives, with one exception, Margot at the Wedding, which she did around the same time.

I think Nicole Kidman’s star started to fade for me when she went blonde and married Keith Urban. What. A. Let. Down. For me personally. I’m sure, it’s great for her, but I was mighty disappointed. Mighty disappointed.

I was especially troubled when her face and her lips were stuck in the absurd position for years due to plastic surgery or injections of some sort in an effort to stay young. It was disconcerting to say the least.

Nicole Kidman is a naturally beautiful woman (especially when her hair is red and all curly wild – Vavoom!), but for a number of years there she just looked weird. I’m hoping this new Steven Klein photo spread signals a return to form, because they are hot!

I like the vivid hues with the darker aesthetic and her throw back vintage lingerie is super hot. And the rough sex and consent edgeplay is right up my wheelhouse when it comes to erotic (and slightly disturbing) photography. It’s all so erotically charged what with all the growing… and the growing tension.

P.S. I wonder who the guy is?

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Image: Nicole Kidman in Interview Magazine by Steven Klein

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  • Did getting divorced from Tom Cruise ruin her career? Who cares. She was hot back in the 90s, then like you said she got weird.

    • The scientologists probably hexed her or something.

      • I got into a fight with somebody on Reddit a few weeks ago defending Scientology.

        • Go on?

          • I was basically saying that Scientology isn’t any more whacky than the other religions out there. All groups have there crazies but that doesn’t mean that everyone who associates with that group is like that. I’ve also never had Scientologists knocking on my door trying to convert me, judge my lifestyle, or seen any wars started in their name.

          • True.

          • They were talking shit about Elisabeth Moss so I went into defense mode.

          • I’m inferring from that comment that she’s a scientologist? Didn’t know that.

          • Yeppers.

  • Zach Becvar

    There is a very nice Hitchcock element to the photos. Looks like the shoot could have been based off an unused idea from Psycho.

    • I went over to a guy’s house once (for sex, obvs) and when I got there he was watching Psycho (the remake), I suddenly felt unsafe. Not a good choice of movies to make the ladies feel at ease in your home when you don’t know each other well. I might have felt better if he was watching the original instead. At least, he would have gotten points for having good taste.

  • GLovejoy

    Robonino makes an excellent point that all religions have but jobs, but Nichole first got my attention in the Aussie film BMX bandits. Oh yeah I went old school on that one, if you haven’t seen it I’m sure it can be found on the internet

  • GLovejoy

    Nut jobs not but jobs, well maybe a bit of those

  • GLovejoy

    80’s flick filmed in Australia, I probably liked it more than most since I rode bikes on ramps and street courses long before Xgames

    • I checked out the trailer on Youtube, she was a baby with wild hair.

  • GLovejoy

    I think it was her first gig it was actually shot in Australia I particularly liked it but I rode ramps and before there was an X Games

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  • BDY

    I’ve always enjoyed her. She isn’t my favorite actress but always easy on the eyes. I can’t believe you left out Eyes Wide Shut.

    • Twas good! I remember seeing that movie with a few friends and that it has sparked a really good conversation afterwards.

  • GLovejoy

    I was going to say something along those lines but couldn’t think of the right words

  • ernesto07

    hay q verla en the paperboy….

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