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Greetings and thanks for joining us for another show on Peeperz Radio. We are very pleased to be chatting with our guest today. She is the breathtaking Russian starlet known as Nikita Von James! Also take time to check out our other recent interviews with the assquake known as Richelle Ryan as well as our chat with the dirty duchess herself Bobbi Eden.

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Nikita Von James was born in Siberia, Russia. Despite being one of the coldest places on the face of the planet, Nikita is anything but frigid. Her views of the USA and of the west in general were mostly from soviet propaganda and her first visit to the US was an eye opening experience to say the least.

When Nikita was 15 years old she stole a porn video from a cousin. She describes the instant feeling she had that doing adult films were what she wanted to do. Nikita came to the US on a student Visa at age 21. She begged for work at every Russian restaurant she could find.

She spoke no English and as mentioned above she suffered from culture shock. She started exotic dancing and in 2008 she decided to start making adult films.She has gone on to make a shit-ton of scenes for all the top studios.

She has also launched her own website which she is very proud of. She puts her “heart and soul” into providing her members with the best content she can. She even provides free webcams shows to her members and even creates custom videos.

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Nikita discusses with MB her personal life, the death of DVD sales as well as her first interracial she scene she just shot for Jules Jordan. Hot stuff. Nikita also gives a special message to her fans and also provides listeners with her email address. She says she will even entertain the possibility of shooting content with one of her fans. Now that’s dedication! So tune in, get turned on and check out the Siberian Storm, Nikita Von James!

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Take a peek at Nikita’s Siberian goodstuff below:

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