Non-Monogamy? There’s an App for That

by Alpha Harlot on April 4, 2019

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Dating sites come and go like the wind. Single people are constantly looking for the next big thing when it comes to looking for love and sex. There’s a new app, called Feeld, that claims to help out everyone looking for love, even non-monogamous couples.  I really like this idea because most dating sites and apps are all about the solo hook up, leaving couples looking to experiment in the dust.

It sucks, honestly.

My wife and I were sitting on the couch watching some true crime movie when I saw the New York Times article linked below. I’m always down to try new things out, so I figured that signing up wouldn’t be a be a bad idea.

Before you download the app and start playing around, I’m going to give you a heads up, because I found one issue with Feeld that made me stop in my tracks and wonder if I would even sign up.

Feeld requires you to sign up by linking to your facebook account.

Now, I’ve been super outspoken about my disdain for fb in general.  FB is literally big brother compiling information on every single one of us.  You have a conversation with a BBQ about the fact that someone you know is having a baby, all of a sudden your fb feed is filled with ads for bibs and bottles.  It’s frightening to me. Living a double life, one completely perverse and one relatively quiet and mysterious, means that I don’t like people being all up in my business.  It’s interesting that people on my twitter feed know more about me and who I really am than the people that I work with every day.

I did end up signing up with my fb because I was hoping that there was more to Feeld than just the fact that they decided not to create their own user database.  One of the cool things about Feeld is that you have the option to choose your gender from a huge spectrum and you can select what you are specifically looking for.

One of the ways that they “get” you is that you can’t see who liked your profile unless you give them the money for a Majestic Membership.  While I understand that everyone needs to make money, I feel like push notifications about someone’s interest in you without allowing you to see the actual person is a annoying.  The other thing is that, the only way that you can hide yourself from your fb friends is by giving them money. I mean, I knew when I signed up that my account was going to be active for like 24 hours while I wrote this post, but I’m not OK with people on fb knowing about what my wife and I are into on the DL, you know?  

I think that the idea of Feeld is pretty amazing.  If they could get rid of that fb account login nonsense, I’d honestly give it a shot.  As it stands now though, I’m going to head into my account settings and terminate my account.

Do you Peepz have any dating websites that you would like me to try out?  Hit me up in the comments below with your suggestions or slide into my DMs on twitter.  

Source: New York Times

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