Nude Hiking Trails Opening Up Across Europe

Germany has special hiking trails exclusively for perverts-who-masturbate-in-bushes, these trails are officially designated for naked hiking, so people can get really, really, close to nature. Trekking through the wilderness in the buff seems to be a growing trend in Europe, as Switzerland is in the process of setting up some nudie trails too.

I already hate nature and break out into a rash when I’m away from internet porn, Facebook, and email for more than an hour, but even if you’re not me and you love the outdoors, isn’t there more obvious ways why this would suck?  Like poison ivy, biting insects, snakes, brambles, branches, lecherous old men waiting to wank it when you go by, etc.

A little Googling on the topic has alerted me to the fact this isn’t just for freewheeling Europeans, there’s American groups who organize nude hiking trips, I mean we have no designated trails for it…and you’ll probably go to jail if you bump into a boyscout troupe in them woods, but if this is your thing you should know June 21st is Naked Hiking Day –  let us know in the comments if you intend to strip down on that date and commune with nature via a long, nude, strenuous, hike in the wild.