Nude Ivana Milicevic Gets Down & Dirty In “Banshee”

I had never heard of the TV show Banshee until today, but from the looks of these stills from it, featuring a fully nude Ivana Milicevic, it’s right up my alley. I’m too lazy to Google it and find out what it’s about or on what network it plays (maybe someone will do it for me and leave a comment).

All I know is that Ivana Milicevi is hot as hell and you can’t beat a photo of a beautiful woman walking nude –  straight out of a bath – covered in water and soap suds. And right into the arms of her lover she goes. Hot damn! That photographs where she’s arching her back and he’s lifting her ass to eat out her pussy should come with a erection warning.

Kind of makes me yearn for some good oral action of my own. Sigh.

I’ve been familiar with Miss Ivana’s work ever since she appeared as Riley Finn’s secret agent wife on Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I never liked Riley as Buffy’s love interest, but it kind of pissed me off that they would cast a hotter chick as his wife than the lead of the show. Poor Buffy, she never saw it coming.

I never saw Ivana nude until today though, which takes away some of the trauma I felt over the whole Buffy incident. If you’re going to upstage the leading lady of one of my favorite shows, you better make up for it by showing me your tits at some point… is all I’m saying.

Click on images below for larger versions:

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  • Fat Steve (yeah, that one)

    Googled it…it looks fucking great and it’s on HBO!

    • Pretty much anything on HBO is great. Guaranteed lots of nudity and twisted plots. I’m definitely going to bookmark it and watch it eventually.

      • Robonino123

        It’s actually on Cinemax, not HBO.

        • No matter, I was going to stream it on my computer anyhow.

          • Robonino123

            Even better, and cheaper.

  • stevesharkman

    I love the fact she’s got a bush and she’s not shaved down to look like a little girl.
    finally, a real woman on who’s not afraid of her bush.
    god bless her.

  • Guest

    I love her pubic hair. I think she trimmed them a little. She has the best pubic hair style I’ve ever seen. I want to how to trim it like hers.

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