Olympic Athletes Love Safer Sex

by Alpha Harlot on February 8, 2018

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Every time that they hype over the Olympics begins I get excited. It isn’t so much about the sports or anything like that. The major news stations always end up picking up on a story about how many condoms the Olympic athletes have at their fingertips in their dorms.


Bring on the safer sex conversations and the figure skaters wearing hot outfits!

This year, when the Olympics begin on February 25th, there will be over 110,000 rubbers ready to be handed out free of charge. That happens to be more than any other Winter Olympics prior. The condoms are going to be donated by Convenience Co., a South Korean condom manufacturer, and the Korean Association for AIDS Prevention.

Can you imagine all the sex that is going to be happening before and after events? Celebratory fucks, bad news blowjobs and training while tribbing all sound like fun times to me. The participants are all so stressed out and nervous about performing on the world stage. By the time that their event is over, all they want to do is relax and get out some aggression.

There is still a fairly large sexual stigma in Korean society. People are having sex at younger ages, but the sexual education is much less. By donating the condoms, the two groups have pushed forward a conversation that some people are uncomfortable with. The Summer Olympic Games in Seoul back in 1988 were the first time that condoms were handed out to athletes. It’s a bit worrisome that their traditional, religious culture still has a downcast ideology pertaining to sex.

No matter how much people want to brush premarital sex under the rug and pretend that it doesn’t happen, it definitely does. Wrapping cocks up with condoms can help prevent any number of diseases as well as lowering the risk of an unwanted pregnancy. Education, as well as the availability of safer sex materials, such as condoms, latex/neoprene gloves and dental dams, can be the difference between having a positive sexual encounter and having your life completely turned around.

Source: NBC News

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