One In Twenty People Admit To Affair With A Neighbor

by Calvin Clark on February 18, 2018

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Infidelity has always been a touchy subject and an affair involving my favorite characters can ruin a television show or movie for me. While many couples have open relationships and may even become aroused at the idea of their partners being with other people, monogamy is still the norm.

Unfortunately a boring sex life or a lack of romance can cause people to seek fulfillment away from their partners. This may take the form of vigorous masturbation and a one-sided relationship with your favorite porn star, or it could be a lengthy affair with a coworker or friend.

According to a poll by Neighbors, a soap opera popular in the United Kingdom, a common place for people to find romantic is in their own backyard.

The data revealed that one in twenty people have cheated on their partner with a neighbor and credit the danger and excitement of being with someone so close to home as adding to the temptation. Hmm!

It was also revealed that one in five people have flirted with their neighbor and one in ten have kissed, dated, or slept with someone they live next to. It sounds like most people are simply exercising some pent up Melrose Place fantasies.

Another interesting tidbit brought up by the survey is how people describe their neighbors. The most popular descriptions were friendly, attractive and sexy- along with nosy, annoying and boring. People either want to fuck their neighbors or put up an 8-foot fence and pretend they don’t exist.

Sex with a neighbor may sound exciting but it can be really problematic once the shit hits the fan. The website that administered the poll noted that it can be difficult for someone to forgive their partner for an affair when they have to see the other person every day.

It would certainly make block parties and HOA meetings extremely awkward.

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