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by Alpha Harlot on August 9, 2018

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There was a time when you couldn’t go 10 minutes without someone talking about Pamela Anderson. The beautiful-blonde-bombshell babe was on fire back in her Baywatch days. It’s been awhile since the Playboy Playmate has made her rounds here on Peeperz, so when I heard she was doling out dating advice like candy, I knew that I needed to delve deeper into the subject.

Pam is a romantic. If you’ve ever watched her (vintage at this point) porno movie, you know that she’s way more interested in kisses and, “I love you’s” than she is to spread her pussy lips and get filled with cock. I loved that about her. She showed the world that you could be helplessly sexy and get that mushy passion you were looking for too.

The website Dazed put it’s feelers out to their readers requesting questions about love and relationship advice for Pam to answer. Her answers are as classy and sappy as she is…with a ton of honesty thrown in for good measure.

Pam talks with fans about how the age of technology has made us less connected. She urges people to make genuine connections with the people that they are interested in.

My favorite part of her advice is when the beautiful blonde bombshell admits that she isn’t into having threesomes.

Pam says:

I have never had a threesome or group sex in a positive way. But to each their own. All my lovers were too jealous. Except for maybe one that fantasised about me being with a woman and watching us. It sounds tempting sometimes. But I’m too romantic. I don’t enjoy sex without love and commitment. It’s not mechanical or to show off. It’s about intimacy and sharing secrets.

My issue with threesomes is more the odd number of people in the room. Unless you are REALLY good at multitasking, someone is always going to be odd man out. That pretty much blows. In my opinion, having an even number of participants in the room makes for a much better time.

You can read the whole discussion with Pam in the link for Dazed below.

Before you click away though, how do you Peepz feel about group sex? Is it your #1 fantasy, last on your list or have you done it before?

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Source: Dazed

Image: Pamela Anderson in Playboy

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