Paris Hilton Shows Us Her Shaved Mons Pubis

by Lola Byrd on February 21, 2014

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Paris Hilton just turned 33 years-old, which makes me feel old since it seems like we’ve been perving on her forever. FOREVER, I say. Of course, I use the term “perving” loosely because she was never my cup of tea. But I’m an equal opportunity porn blogger, so I don’t always write about chicks that personally turn me on.

Besides, there’s something about celebrity slips that makes them bizarrely fascinating even when you’re not attracted to the person whose body part you’re seeing by accident.

Of course, by now we’ve all seen every part of Paris Hilton, which takes some of the thrill away, but the fact that you can actually see the pores on her mons pubis where her pubes used to be before being shaved into oblivion makes these particular pics seem more obscene than usual.

To celebrate Paris Hilton’s birthday I went through the Pornhub archives and found this neat little video of her taking a bubble bath:

Paris Hilton – Sex Tape brought to you by PornHub

It was nice to reminisce and see 1 Night In Paris again on Pornhub. I think the night vision blowjob is the first celebrity tape I saw… or it might have been Pam and Tommy Lee, I’m not sure. Either way, it brings back memories. It got me thinking about leaked sex tapes. Some celebrity sex tapes are obviously filmed and leaked on purpose, but I believe that Paris Hilton was totally fucked over by Rick Salomon (during the filming of the tape and when the tape was released), so how can it be legal to sell the tape when the star of the flick never signed a release?!

P.S. Side pussy is the new upskirt.

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