Penis Enlargement Surgery Death (Not the Dick’s Fault)

by Alpha Harlot on March 17, 2019

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Yikes Peepz! That’s a hell of a story title, no? When I was researching this story, it seemed to me like every news outlet that covered it was trying to outdo the last. Things like, “Billionaire Tycoon Wants a Huge Penis, Gets Death Instead,” and “Money Bags Goes Under the Knife for Sexual Prowess,” were flooding my search results.

I want to take a different angle to this story though and ask why someone who had all the money that he could ever ask for would feel lackluster enough about his person to have surgery to get a new cock. Especially since he didn’t actually die from the surgery itself. Click-bait headlines had my trigger finger happy, but it was all for naught.

Ehud Arye Laniado was a 65-year-old diamond trader. He died of a heart attack while he was having surgery to enhance his dick, but he didn’t die from the actual surgery. The causes of death all point to the anesthesia that he was under while the surgery was happening.

Listen, it’s your body. Do with it what you wish. You want massive titties, go get yourself some implants. You want a bigger ass, head to the surgeon and see what your options are. If you want bigger calves, or a smaller waist, or higher cheek bones? The world is your oyster.

Self-esteem issues hit each of us differently. Even the most confident and cocksure of us will have bad days and moments filled with situations where we doubt ourselves. We are a reactional people, who feed off of the media that we are fed and allow unfriendly ideas about ourselves into our brains to flood the ideas that we have about ourselves and who we are.

When there are complications to surgery, the first thing everyone wants to do is point fingers. Why was that surgery being done, especially if it is cosmetic. It’s being done because the person who owns the body wants it to be done. Don’t be so judgy. As long as the doctor thinks the patient is healthy enough to have the surgery done, what business is it of anyone else.

I think it’s pretty shitty that Ehud Arye Laniado is being made a joke because he had a heart attack. I don’t know about his business ethics or anything…maybe he was a dickhead, maybe he was a saint, or maybe he was just an average person with a whole lot of money who wanted to please his sexual partners to the best of his ability.

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