Photo Proof Of Sasquatch? No! Amber Portwood Nude Sexting Pics

by Bucky Beall on February 24, 2011

Post image for Photo Proof Of Sasquatch? No! Amber Portwood Nude Sexting Pics

Photo proof that the sasquatch exists? No! These are Amber Portwood nude sexting pics. Ewwwwwwww. I’m sorry for this but it’s my duty as a blogger to put them up, though I will admit this fat ape’s body is looking pretty good… as long as you don’t look at her face or that grotesque abortion of a tattoo.

If you don’t know who this monster is, she’s one of the subjects of the MTV reality tv show Teen Mom. She’s previously appeared on Peeperz, due to rumors that Vivid may be be hiring her to appear in a porn for them. She’s also famous for punching out her babydaddy on camera and being charged for it, something else that came out in her one of her court cases is she makes $280,000 a year from the show.

So to recap, this beast is famous and rich for being too fucking stupid to use birth control, for battering a father in front of their daughter, and for whoring out her grotesque animal body. This is what passes for celebrity in our culture…we’re doomed.

  • Woowwwww…….your best yet Bucky……..she looks preggo here!!

  • DonkeyPuncherrr

    she does look preggo lol

    • Anonymous

      it might be her gunt

      • Skaterdude


  • If I’m gonna be fired for looking at porn during work, it better be good porn. not cool bucky..not cool.

  • Apv277

    i think she has a nice ass tho

  • Abc

    She do have a nice ass

  • Gizmo1834

    yo she got a nice ass

  • Lo04ve

    but her chest looks like a 7 yr old.

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