Pilot Getting It On In Cockpit Is Airline PR Nightmare

by Bucky Beall on August 8, 2011

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Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific Airlines is having a PR nightmare due to two of their employees using a Cathay Airlines plane as their set to make some personal sexy porno pictures. One of the pics includes one of their pilots getting sucked off in the cockpit by a stewardess (check it out in the header image above), the photos are a scandal in the Chinese press but are a gift to bloggers everywhere who can think of awesome “cockpit” jokes.

People are freaking out due to the rumor that the pics were shot mid-flight, but it seems the pilot and stewardess are a couple and there’s no indication he was actually flying the plane while getting his blowy, most likely they snuck in while the aircraft was grounded to make some personal dirty pics.

The pilot in the pics says they were stolen off of his laptop but Cathy Airlines is claiming this is somehow a plot by their competition to discredit them….that seems like a rather elaborate plot, a very unlikely elaborate plot. Still, the point of this post to make you think the next time your plane experiences “turbulence” that it could be the pilot jerking the steering while he explodes all over the stewardess’ face.

Via DrunkenStepfather.com

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