Pie In The Sky: Sex Position Of The Week

by Bucky Beall on November 24, 2010

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Tomorrow’s Thanksgiving, and Christmas is around the corner – this means huge turkey meals, cakes, chocolates, and oceans of booze. You’ll need some kind of exercise to keep trim with all of those holiday goods going down your throat. Your girl is suggesting you go to yoga with her, but that’s not going to happen. You had a gym membership, but it was expensive and mostly went unused. The best workout you can do…the best way to burn some calories…is with some fierce fucking.

Don’t just lay there on top of her, weakly thrusting in and out, move those bodies in every way they can be moved! For the sake of your health, we have for you our Sex Positions of the Week, follow along with them and every muscle will be used and every tendon stretched.

I know you’re thinking about the pumpkin pie that’s going to follow your Thanksgiving meal, but lets think about another kind of pie now. Our demonstrators, pornstars Kream and Eva Luxuria, have prepared the best dessert of all with this week’s position, Pie in the Sky.

This one takes a little talent on the chick’s part. She has to balance her self on her upper back/shoulders on the bed. You can support her too, as she puts her lower body into the air so that her hair pie is held up on display. From behind you go in and gobble up that puss.

Eva, the one getting her pussy eaten, thinks this pose is perfect for her sex partner, as Kream loves to be in control. Kream agrees and gets off on how she has total command over Eva’s body and good access to her whole quim. She likes  having reach to grab breasts, caress, spank, choke, and anything else she chooses to do.

Do you have a favorite of all the positions we’ve featured? Will you be sneaking away from the family after the holiday supper to perform some of them? Is sex part of your exercise routine? Do you have sex trick you want to teach us? The writers and readers of this blog want to know! Clue us in by using the comments section.

[flowplayer src=’http://www.peeperz.com/wp-content/uploads/Pie_In_The_Sky.flv’ width=640 height=360 splash=’http://www.peeperz.com/wp-content/uploads/video_titles_pie_in_sky.jpg’]

  • Slammi

    I will have to try this. Looks awesome

  • Airplaner81

    I want to see positions where one lifts the other off the ground while in control. Over the shoulder fingering is cool. Maybe front carry tit sucking. The lover doing the ground is in full control and the carriee is totally submissive.

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