Plane Sex is Hard For Celebrities Too

by Alpha Harlot on October 22, 2018

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On the show Marriage Boot Camp, Aubrey O’Day lets her sexy personality shine through. In one particular episode, the couples are all sitting around playing Truth or Dare with the therapist. When Aubrey gets her turn, the question she has to answer is, “Name a place you’ve always fantasized having sex and why.” She replies that she wants to bang on a plane and then tells a story about the one time she and Paulie D tried to do the do.

Pauly D only flies first class. Of course he does. He left his plush seat and bottle service to go hang out with his lady in coach. I’m wondering why he didn’t buy her a first class ticket or find another flight…or give up his first class seat so that his lady could fly in style…but whatever. I’m just being judgy about pop culture celebs. It’s mostly because I’m so bitter about what Pauly and his friends did to my favorite beaches.

They tried to make her mile high fantasy come true, but there were a few things that fucked up their flow.

There was a guy sitting next to them who was “sleeping,” (but probably not?) and the two were a little creeped out by him. I mean, me too guys. Who sleeps when the people next to you are banging? He probably just closed his eyes because he didn’t want to think about the fact that he was going to have to head to the dry cleaners to clean the splooge off his pants.

Positioning was also a difficult task. How do you fuck on a plan so that no one notices? They tried blankets, and keeping the noise level to a minimum, but you have zero legroom on most flights now, so fitting four legs, Pauly’s hair and a set of boobs like Aubrey’s into one seat isn’t an easy task.

When Pauly asks why they don’t just fuck on a private jet (because of course that’s an option), she says no. Private jet sex doesn’t count as far as she’s concerned. Aubrey wants the danger and the excitement of having sex in public. If you’re flying private no one is going to bother you at all. Someday I hope I have those kinds of problems.

Here’s the clip from the show:

What do you Peepz think? Is plane sex on your to-do list or are you over the hype? Let me know in the comments below, or hit me up on twitter.

Source: US Magazine

Image: Gina Lynn in Sex on a Plane by Brazzers

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