Playboy Brings Back The Nudes!

by Lola Byrd on February 15, 2017

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It’s been a year since Playboy Magazine (OG edition) decided to do away with nudity in an effort to rebrand the magazine and attract mainstream advertisers. In that time Playboy went with an aesthetic that appealed to a younger crowd. Long gone were the bleached blonde sex doll look-a-likes. These days it’s all about hipster models.

The new aesthetic works, but was it really necessarily to do away with the nudity? Nope. And that’s exactly the conclusion that Chief creative officer Cooper Hefner came to.

Cooper Hefner, Hef’s son and the dude currently at the helm of Playboy, is the first to admit that the way they were doing nudes was kinda dated (duh), but doing away with nudity was the wrong choice.

Playboy without nudity just isn’t Playboy anymore.

The March/April 2017 edition of Playboy is bringing back the nudity, because, uh, #NakedIsNormal. It’s a catchy hashtag and that exactly what you’ll see if you buy the latest edition of Playboy. That and Playmate Elizabeth Elam on the cover, because a hashtag doesn’t sell magazines. Pretty ladies do.

Basically, everything is going to stay the same, except we’re going to see more nipple and bush. I mean all the ladies are trying to free the nipple on Instagram and normalize body hair, because that’s what modern feminism is all about, so it doesn’t make sense for Playboy to do away with those things. No. Sense. It. Makes.

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  • Cooper Heffner looks like Hugh Heffner and Michael Fassbender had a kid together

  • Jack Edwards (edwards21)

    Wow. A corporate executive admitting a mistake and taking steps to correct it? What year have I woken up in?

    But seriously, I’m totally okay with the return of the nudity. Not having it was just weird. And if they can manage to update their methodology to the modern day, then good for them.

    Also, bring back Sarah McDaniel. Please.

    • YASS, Sarah McDaniel’s was a hit in that first non-nude issue. If only we could see her nude this time.

  • MainFragger

    I called it! I knew the ‘no nudity” wouldn’t last. Playboy without nudity is a car without any wheels.

    • I like how they’ve marketed bringing back the nudity as sex positive.

      • MainFragger

        They don’t have to go full porn, but by now, if that is their goal, there should be an erotic boy/girl photoshoot in every issue….

        • Has Playboy ever done and boy/girl photoshoot?

          • MainFragger

            I think they occasionally sneak one in, but its usually more along fashion rather than nudes. But its time they stretched their horizons a bit. Honestly, if were up to me, they would put out a zine every week. One being their standard faire, and the others being alt models, ebony/black models, and models of various body types and nationalities. It makes no sense to me that they have Playboy for just about every country, but only really show their American stuff here…

          • I’m trying to think back and I can’t remember ever seeing one.

            I agree with you on the more diversity front.

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