Playboy Twins’ Go Au Naturel

by Joy Topaz on March 5, 2010

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Less than two months out of the Playboy mansion and twins, Karissa and Kristina Shannon, have let themselves go. They were seen out for dinner last week without the usual hair and makeup. Gasp! They’re still wearing matching clothes though. We always thought that was just a weird provision of Hugh’s because…umh, they are grownups and all. We’re going to imagine it’s for all the wacky dating hijinks that ensue.

We have to admit that the twins with makeup and without, isn’t really that big of a difference. Because they’re ridiculously fucking hot and 20 years old.

Yah, they were both arrested for getting freaky with a beer bottle, just not in the ‘post-it-on-Pornhub’ way. More in the “Oh my god! The HORROR! The blood!” type of way. Is it weird that we’re a little turned on by this?

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