Pole Dancing For Jesus?

by Bucky Beall on March 23, 2011

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Pole Dancing for Jesus?! Well, pole dancing for fitness is old news. For years now, there’s been a trend of  women learning stripper moves on the pole as a dance workout routine. Classes are popping up all over the place teaching chicks to get fit with the moves usually reserved for the performers in peeler clubs. Just to be clear, they do all the moves except taking off their clothes and it’s for exercise, not training for a second evening job.

You may find the stripper workout fad to be awesome as it’s encouraging square chicks to get a little freaky…or you might find it a little fucked up. Regardless, what is totally wtf is a new variation on the fad just started in a studio in Texas – Christian pole dancing.

Held on Sundays, women need to present their church program to be let into the class. Once in, they strap on high heeled stripper shoes (the shoes help work out the glute muscles) and grind the metal rod to loud Christian rock, all for the sake of getting in shape for the Lord.

In case you think I’m just blogging while huffing gas and hallucinating up some posts, check out the news coverage below, and all you lady readers –  don’t forget to sign up for our new religion based stripper dancing class coming to your area, “Pole Dancing for Bucky”.

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