Pornhub Insights On Fortnite Season 5

by RICK RODAY on August 3, 2018

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Fortnite’s rise to massive popularity is an interesting story. Since turning their backs on the initial supporters of their cooperative survival horror game in favor of a free-to-play battle royale mode, the title has been a license to print money for its developer. With every new content patch, players have no problem opening their wallets and forking over microtransactions for new in-game emotes, costumes, and dances used to taunt their opponents.

For whatever reason it’s also a popular video game for people to masturbate to. Cool!

The developer, Epic Games, publishes new content in giant updates they call seasons. When they released the latest Season 5 last month, millions of users logged into the game causing a massive server outage. With no outlet for their Fortnite fix these stranded gamers turned to the internet’s most trusted source for Fortnite-based entertainment. Pornhub!

Between the anticipation prior to the release of Fortnite Season 5 and the massive influx of players that caused the game servers to crash, the statisticians at Pornhub Insights observed a couple interesting trends. Like always they have compiled this analytical data into a couple graphs for our mathematical enjoyment.

In the days leading up to the July 12 launch of Season 5, searches for Fortnite porn experienced a significant increase. While patch notes and screenshots are enough to entice the appetite, few things quench the thirst like full on pornography. Before the season officially launched we saw a spike in searches around the 9th of July but things started to calm down until the day of the patch.

Due to the high number of players who logged in to see the Season 5 changes, Fortnite’s servers experienced a brief outage around 9pm on July 12. During that time Pornhub experienced an increase of 116% more searches for Fortnite porn the same time on an average day. I guess when you can’t play the game or even watch your favorite streamer, the next best thing to do is masturbate to it.

For a more in depth look at how the latest happenings in Fortnite and other internet phenomenon effect internet porn traffic, head over to Pornhub Insights to read more.


Image: Abella Danger in Dirty Little Gamer by Brazzers

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