Pornhub Insights On Kiara Mia Popularity After Dating NFL Player

by RICK RODAY on August 5, 2018

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For whatever reason, young athletes love fucking older porn stars. As someone who appreciates older women, I kind of understand it. Along with the new money and social status that come with a high paying professional athlete’s salary there is also access to other celebrities. This includes the legendary porn stars they probably masturbated to during the long sleepless nights prior to making it to the top.

We saw it in the past with Lisa Ann and the series of NBA Players she ran through and we saw it again with Kiara Mia and the 49ers newly acquired Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

The busty 41-year-old didn’t start making adult films until her 30s but quickly made up for lost time. After a series of excellent scenes and AVN Award nominations, she became one of the most popular Latina MILFs on the internet and a mainstay of Pornhub’s top rated porn stars. However, when she was seen dating the starting Quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers, her popularity skyrocketed overnight.

Whenever this kind of things happens, the internet’s favorite pornographic statisticians at Pornhub Insights are there to compile the data into informative graphs so that we can impress our friends with interesting porn factoids.

Before being photographed with Garoppolo, searches for Kiara Mia were pretty consistent. After the news of their date hit celebrity and sports news websites, searches for the busty Latina MILF spiked by more than 2300%. That is an extremely huge boost for an already popular performer.

While other celebrities can simply release sex tapes to gain more notoriety, porn stars don’t exactly have that luxury. Being photographed with Tom Brady’s backup QB after he was traded away to a big market NFL team is apparently an excellent way to boost one’s adult career. Good to know!

For a more in depth look at how celebrity gossip and other entertainment news can effect internet porn traffic, head over to Pornhub Insights to read more.


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