Pornhub Insights: Slow Motion Poooooorrrrrrrrnnnn?

by RICK RODAY on June 1, 2016

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Capturing slow motion video of cool things happening has been popular for decades. Though we’ve seen the technique used in educational videos since film has existed, most people credit the Discovery Channel’s MythBusters for popularizing its use in the name of entertainment disguised as pseudo-science.

Now that the show is about as relevant as the rest of the reality programing and ghost hunting found on educational television, most people simply turn to YouTube to watch slow-mo videos of people getting punched in the face or shot with paintballs. It’s all the satisfaction of finding out what would happen with none of the pretentious build-up.

While explosions, violence, and property damage are interesting there are those of us who want to see the really important things in slow motion- the stuff you wouldn’t see any MythBusters special episode.

Where are we to turn if we want to see facials, blow jobs, and full on sexual intercourse in slow motion? Pornhub, of course!

The fully armed and fully operational statisticians at Pornhub Insights have organized some data on both the growth of Slow Motion Pornography, and what kind of content is most popular on everyone’s favorite website for internet porn.

Since January of 2013, searches for slow motion porn have grown by 115%. This growth is more than likely linked to increases in both the availability and quality of content. Digital cameras have improved over the last few years and so has the images they capture. If one has access to the original full-frame footage it’s rather simple to create high quality slow motion content without the need for special equipment.


The most popular slow motion searches more or less mirror what would expect. Most people are simply curious as to what kind of slow motion content exists on Pornhub, while others like to narrow it down to the specifics.

Personally I don’t see the appeal of these videos, but I appreciate that they exist. It’s scientific progress!

Image: Ava Addams in Double Timing Wife by Brazzers


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