Pornhub Has Its Own Music Videos Now?

by Calvin Clark on August 19, 2015

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Pornhub, a porn company which doesn’t actually make porn videos, is now making music videos. Several months back, the folks at Pornhub decided to launch a competition to find the best song themed after their website. It was called the Pornhub Song Search Contest.

Funny idea, but little did they know that fans of the site would enter over 2000 songs. The grand prize was $5000 to pay for a music video to go with their Pornhub song, along with the fame and fortune that would surely follow.

To help narrow down the winners, Pornhub solicited help from experienced music industry professionals including artist T-Pain, hip hop producer Scott Storch and VICE music editor Dan Ozzi. Two winners were ultimately chosen at the end of the competition – Mihannah Zhang and Jordan Royale.

With interest clearly there, the porn giant even decided to launch their own label, Pornhub Records and has subsequently made music videos with Coolio and Waka Flocka Flame. Coolio’s “Take it to the Hub” video has actually be viewed over a million times on Pornhub. A million. Coolio.

The original Song Search Contest winners have just released their Pornhub music videos, so check them out below. Honestly, they’re not as bad as I expected and the tunes are kinda catchy. So what’s the end game? Will people flock to a porn site for music when nudity and sex is only a click away? Or maybe that’s the whole point.

  • Dino

    I like the mihannah video so, so much more than the other one. Both for video quality, and being able to actually listen to it.

    “Rap is not music, it is lyrics with attitude” -Peter Gabriel

  • edwards21

    I think Rammstein debuted one of their videos on either PH or a similar site.

    This is not that unexpected a combination. When you get right down to it, both popular music and porn sell fantasy, and in music’s case it’s often sexual fantasy. It could be a pretty good marketing deal for PH, though I’m not sure how much I like that considering Mindgeek’s business practices.

    And Coolio gets a bad rap. Is it the hair? I think it’s the hair. People just don’t take him seriously. But he’s a pretty decent MC when it comes down to it, and let’s be real here, Gangsta’s Paradise is a frikkin’ masterpiece of 90s rap.

    Waka Flokka Flame just sucks donkey ass though. Seriously, why is that guy popular?

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