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by Alpha Harlot on November 28, 2017

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Pornhub is making holiday shopping easy as cream pie for New Yorkers this year. They’ve set up a pop up shop in SoHo at 70 Wooster Street that opened up on black Friday and will remain in it’s location until December 20th. You’ve got to be 18 to get in the door and peruse the goods.

They’re selling all of their killer PornHub brand apparel as well as sex toys and sexy things, like handcuffs and dildos. Basically stocking stuffers for when you want to get stuffed.

It’s genius, and New Yorkers seem to be in agreement. News 4 New York is reporting that the line was all the way around the block to get into the shop on opening day. Holiday shopping is usually so fucking stressful, so what’s the harm in buying yourself or your bed fellows something to help them relax?

I rock my PornHub tshirt often in my real life. It’s legit the most comfortable tshirt that I own and regularly cycles in and out of my drawers. Between that and the Brazzers shirt I snagged when I was writing for their ZZ Insider blog, I’m repping the brands often. They are both great conversation starters. When I was at Geek Kink earlier in November, a few people mentioned that they were calling me, “The Chick in the YouPorn hoodie,” which is obviously fine with me. The funniest hoodie conversation that weekend happened when I was sitting at the bar of a neighboring hotel. Some guy started hitting on me specifically because of the hoodie. I told him that I was a writer for Peeperz and YouPorn, and that he should give AlphaHarlot a google if he was interested in seeing more.

It’s all about the marketing, Peepz.

I’m a proud pervert and not even remotely ashamed of what happens behind closed doors when the cameras are on. Obviously.

Here’s a clip of Kissa Sins getting freaky with herself with the help of the PornHub wand.

If you aren’t able to make it to New York before December 20th, you can still pick up officially licensed PornHub merch from their store online. CLICK HERE to scope out the selection of wearables, accessories and other assorted paraphernalia.

Source: NY Daily News

Image: Pornhub Aria and Asa Akira from Pornhub Aria’s twitter account

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