Pornhub TV: The Best Of The Rest At The AVNs

by Bucky Beall on March 19, 2013

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Allan Lake, Fat Steve, Sunny V, and the Pornhub interns, along with the biggest names in adult entertainment turned Las Vegas into their personal playground for the 2013 AVN Awards – and it’s all on tape and all on Peeperz.

But now it’s finally happening, this season of Pornhub TV is comeing to an end with these final two episodes of the “best of the rest” at the AVNs.

Allan Lake gets it on with pornstar Mellanie Monroe who’s on the conference floor to demonstrate the Munkey Barz sex toy (which are handle-bars women can wear for their men to grab while giving it hard) and Allan tries the barz out, finds out that Mellanie’s up six Las Vegas fucks to his zero, and discovers where on her body she likes to take her loads of love.

At the same time Sunny has a brief chat with the “I Can’t Believe She Fucked Me” guy, one of the greatest heroes in the industry who gives hope to other weird looking pervs like Bucky Beall:

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We close out with super babe Aiden Starr and the Anti-Measure B crew on how they’re fighting the good fight against the ordinance that could ruin porn.

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This may be it for our AVN coverage but they’re be more Pornhub TV coming at you soon. Stay Tuned!

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