PornhubTV – Christie Stevens at the 2015 AVN Awards

by Calvin Clark on October 24, 2015

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I dated a girl in college named Christie Stevens (name changed for privacy reasons). In a lot of ways she was exactly like the Christie Stevens in today’s PornhubTV video. They both went to college, were both female and they both enjoyed breathing air. The main difference is that Christie Stevens the pornstar actually puts out.

Hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah – the land of bible-thumping Mormons – Christie worked as a stripper for several years before entering the adult industry in 2011 at the age of 24. Apparently, she was inspired to join after watching a documentary on Jenna Jameson. In reality, I suspect she grew tired of extracting Mormon boys (and girls) from their magic white undergarments.

Since entering the industry, she’s worked with several ‘big’ pornstars including Lex Steele – and let’s be honest, you don’t get much bigger than that – and even done a live set with the world’s oldest surviving pornstar and Cro-Magnon man Ron Jeremy. Ok, I’m making up one of those Ron Jeremy facts.

When PornhubTV caught up with Christie at the 2015 AVN Awards, she was more than happy to tell Kong and Mia some interesting sexual details about herself, both on and off the camera. Why did her weirdest fan experience involve a balloon? What type of porn does she look forward to doing in the future? What type of porn won’t she do (maybe)? And what was that about Charlie Sheen? All this and more revealed in the video below.

If you liked that, you can check out more 2015 AVN Award Videos from PornhubTV, and follow Christie on twitter @iluvchristie

I love cheesy themed porn. So when I saw Christie in this Brazzers video “Huge Helping of Sausage” I figured I had to share it. You know, for the sake of everyone’s wiener enjoyment.

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