PornhubTV – Sophie Dee at the 2015 AVN Awards

by Calvin Clark on October 8, 2015

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One, two, three, hey look at Ms. Dee. Three, four, five, hey look at her jive. Ms. Dee, Ms. Dee, oh Ms. Dee…

Ok honestly, if you got that reference you’re either too old to be using a computer, or spent your childhood listening to your father’s record collection like I did. Of course I’ve seen my 70 year old father’s search history, so it’s perfectly possible that someone would know the song Mr. Lee, and also know who Sophie Dee is.

If you’re not familiar with Sophie Dee by name, chances are you’ve see one of her videos. Since 2005 she’s appeared in over 500 porn videos, and is currently ranked the number 24 viewed pornstar on Pornhub. Considering that Pornhub ranks and credits nearly 8000 performers by name, that’s quite an accomplishment for a doe-eyed girl from Wales in the UK.

In this episode of PornhubTV, Kong and co-host Mia Lelani chat with Sophie about practical issues like body hair management. When exactly is butthole hair acceptable? Well now I know. I feel enlightened.

But perhaps the most puzzling interesting part of the interview is Sophie’s response when asked about the nastiest sexual thing she’s ever done. If you want a graphic description of what an “ass smoothie” is, here’s your big chance. Can you get brain freeze in your butt too? Tune in to find out. But maybe not if you’re planning a trip to Orange Julius anytime soon.

If you liked that, you can check out more 2015 AVN Award Videos from PornhubTV, and follow Sophie on twitter @sophiedee

In looking for a nice little Sophie Dee video to share with y’all, I accidentally (I swear) came across her Ass Smoothie video. I’m serious – apparently this is a thing and not just her own personal health kick. You’ve been warned.

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