Pornstar Kayla-Jane Danger Builds Darth Vader Out Of Sex Toys

by Lola Byrd on July 28, 2015

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The Star Wars franchise is getting a lot of sexual attention these days, I wonder if Disney is going to threaten to sue Kayla-Jane Danger for using Darth Vader’s likeness without permission?! I hear GQ and Amy Schumer got in trouble over their sexy Star Wars photoshoot.

I bet Disney isn’t too happy with porn being associated with their brand, but come on, they’re such an easy target. There should be a porn parody of all their movies as far as I’m concerned. Yes, even Pinocchio. I mean, especially Pinocchio. Oh, the things he could do with that wooden nose that just keeps on growing and growing…

Enough about wood, though, this is about Darth Vibrader (best name ever) and the $3,000 worth of sex toys it took to build him: “200 vibrators, 10 paddles, a whip, two rows of anal beads, a rubber fist” and a pair of hooker boots. Are you impressed? I’m impressed.

I wish I owned that many sex toys. Actually, I wish I owned a 7-foot tall Darth Vader statue made out of that many sex toys. According to Kayla-Jane Danger you could put him to many uses:

“You could rub yourself on the light saber, or use the big strap-on in front,” she said. “There are five bullet vibrators in his hands — and those have more power than a Hitachi wand.”

Yup, I’m all hot and bothered just thinking about it. I would join the dark side in a minute for all that action. Speaking of dark side, though, I’m ashamed to admit that for most of my childhood and well into my teens I thought Darth Vader’s name was Dark Vader. *Shakes head in shame.*

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