Pornstar Mr. Marcus Pens A Sex Guide

by Joy Topaz on July 1, 2010

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Mr. Marcus, aka Marcus Spencer, is a multi-porn award winner who has been fucking on camera for over 15 years. Who better tell the rest of us to have sex than someone who does it for a living? There is the initial thought that porn sex and real life sex have about as much in common as an actor playing a doctor on TVand your gynecologist. In porn the positions can sometimes be made impossible because of camera angles, there is the lack of pussy eating, the mindless pounding, the only connection between bodies is often only with genitals.

But we happen to believe certain pornstars, like Marcus, are the best to ones to write books called ‘The Pornstar Guide To Great Sex”. To win that many awards and be that prolific in the porn industry you have to be doing something right and that something is making the women you work with say good things about you.

Marcus’ book ranges from the vanilla (kissing, missionary position) to group sex and S&M. He looks at sex not only as the physical how-to but with an obvious passion for why he’s getting off on a mental level.

This vulnerability gives you a certain power when making love, the power to manipulate, to compel her to act out her wildest, darkest fantasies. She wants to be filled, to be used, to be satisfied. Even as a teenager, I found a paradox in sex—that she’s giving you permission to violate her—that was in itself an aphrodisiac, an addiction that would quickly morph into my avocation.

Whatever you think of a pornstar and their sex advice, check out Marcus’ video with Silvia Saint. They way Mr. Marcus eats pussy can teach us all a thing or two.

Great. Now I’m hungry.

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