Pornstars In California Could Be Required To Wear Goggles?!

by Lola Byrd on June 5, 2015

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The Peepz behind Measure B – the law that requires adult performers to wear condoms in all porn scenes filmed in L.A. – are at it again pushing for a stricter set of laws that would force pornstars to wear protective eye wear. It’s not enough that Measure B practically killed the porn industry in Los Angeles bringing the numbers down by 90%, Michael Weinstein, president of AIDS Healthcare Foundation, wants to kill porn once and for all.

James Deen and Jessica Drake were on to something when they filmed this video spoofing Measure B:

When you have people who are outside the adult industry and have no real understanding of the practices involved trying to enforce a certain set of rules what happens is straight up mayhem. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for safe sex and you would never catch me having sex with someone without protection, but I’m not a pornstar.

The repeated friction caused by condoms is more likely to cause injury and breakage in a porn performer than in regular Joes like you and me, which increases the likelihood of contracting an STD or an STI. The same goes for excessive measures like wearing protective goggles. I just don’t see how that kind of setup would actually work towards a safer and more pleasant experience for all involved. To me, the whole thing spells disaster.

Michael Stabile, a spokesperson for Kink, feels the same way:

“We’re absolutely opposed to the new regulations proposed by Cal/OSHA,” Michael [told SF Weekly.] They’re based in stigma and threaten to make working conditions less safe for adult performers. Because everything we do at Kink is based in consent, we can’t support regulations that remove performers’ control over their bodies or forces performers to disclose medical information, for instance. It’s important to note that these are regulations to which performers have been vocal in their opposition.”

And say goodbye to your favorite money shots. Protective eye wear isn’t the only thing being proposed. Under the new set of laws and procedures that are being discussed, all bodily fluids would basically be considered poison. “Nope. Sorry, Sir. You can’t come on her feet you might melt her toes off. You do know that jizz is basically sulfuric acid, right?” Right.

According to Pornhub there might actually be a market for goggle porn:

Image: Pepper Foxxx

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