Powerful Storm Blows Sex Toys Down The Street

by RICK RODAY on October 9, 2018

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Living in Southern California, I’m pretty spoiled with regards to weather. We occasionally have a storm, and our insane overreaction to even just an inch of rain is worthy of national ridicule. It’s easier for us to just live vicariously through following the news coverage of every other major weather event that happens around the world- like last month’s Storm Ali that hit parts of the United Kingdom.

According to one headline, Ali’s 100mph winds were so fierce they blew someone’s stash of discarded sex toys down the street. Hmm!

The story was picked up thanks to one woman’s social media posts that quickly went viral. During the peak of Ali’s fury, she happened to peak out her window and noticed someone’s “wheelie bin” bad blown over sending the sex toys inside drifting down the gutter. She was so tickled pink to see the sexy garbage casually strewn about that she had to share it with the world.

As someone who lives in fear of either my roommate or another loved one finding my hidden stash of sex toys, I can really empathize with the embarrassment the owner of these sex toys must have felt. Not enough to stop myself from laughing at their misfortune, though.

Why someone decided to get rid of their sex toys during a major storm is beside me. Maybe they were expecting the mayhem to bad enough to warrant some extreme weather sex and thought they didn’t need them anymore.

After Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc along the eastern United States years ago, we noticed a rather interesting statistic nine months later. Apparently after dealing with the adrenaline of the storm and uncertainty of the cleanup process, many Americans decided to comfort themselves with some sexual healing. Nine months after the October 2012 storm, hospitals throughout New York and New Jersey saw an increase in birthrate by as much as 34%. These “Sandy babies” were attributed to the fact that storms simply make people horny. Well now I’m just jealous.

At any rate, after pictures of the assorted sex toys floating down the street like dust in the wind were posted, they were quickly shared by over 600 people. Having such a incident go viral would be extremely embarrassing but luckily for their previous owner nobody was able to tell who they belonged to.

Via thescottishsun.co.uk

Image: Tegan James in Stranded Stepmom by Brazzers

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