The Presidential Debate: Trump vs Clinton vs Pornhub

by RICK RODAY on October 4, 2016

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The 2016 Presidential election has been especially grueling. Representatives from both the Democrats and Republicans have had an especially strong social media presence, allowing them to reach a wider audience than ever before. Unfortunately this has proven to be widely an audience of assholes.

Thanks to a constant supply of political memes, the race to the White House has become less a political process to elect the most capable candidate and more a gameshow designed to make someone a celebrity. People from both ends of the spectrum have turned my favorite websites into passive aggressive political battlegrounds.

Every like, share, and retweet creates a wave of arguments where liberals and conservatives make everything a point of contention. It’s gotten so bad that even my personal safe place, the comments of Pornhub videos, has become a hotbed of political discussion- to a point where the election has peeled people away from their favorite pornos.

According to a recent report by the politically neutral and probably Canadian stats wizards at Pornhub Insights, the world’s fascination with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton has caused us to temporarily cease masturbating. Hmm!

During the September 26 debate, Pornhub traffic across the United States dropped by as much as 16 percent. Considering most people are fairly good at multitasking and watching porn, this is decent drop off from an average day on the world’s favorite porn site.


When we look at how things broke down state by state, an interesting trend becomes apparent.


The data revealed New England has politics prioritized way above porn, which explains a lot. Additonally most “blue states,” or those that voted Democrat in 2012, experienced the biggest drop off in Pornhub traffic while those that voted Republican were slightly less. How curious!

At any rate, we still have a month of campaigning left which leaves plenty of time for porn to catch up on these very important polls. I firmly believe that if we as Americans stop our pointless bickering and focus on the real problems that our nation faces, we’ll realize it makes a lot more sense to watch a fuck flick and gently mash our genitals instead of arguing on Facebook.

For a more in depth look at how politics and pop culture effect people’s porn browsing habits, head over to Pornhub Insights and read more.

Image: Cherie Deville in ZZ Erection 2016: Part 1 by Brazzers


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