Prostitute Skirts Law With Pop Up Brothel

by RICK RODAY on December 5, 2017

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The first pop up businesses I was aware of were stands setup under freeway overpasses to sell flowers and candy during the days before Valentines and Mother’s Day. Years later I saw temporary Halloween stores emerge that sold over priced costumes and decorations during October. While these businesses were noble in purpose and excellent examples of capitalism, they aren’t exactly hoity toity.

That would change with the popularity of this holiday season’s pop up boutique trend.

Celebrity designers and anyone with a strong social media following trying to promote their brand have fully embraced temporary storefronts. These retail locations are aggressively advertised on social media and seemingly “pop up” overnight. Preying on the trendiest consumers’ fear of missing out, these boutiques have the bonus of requiring a low financial commitment from their operators.

Also capitalizing on this new trend is a single mother and professional sex worker from England who established a pop up brothel to apply her craft. The move has not only allowed her to safely and discreetly see clients, but also stay close to her children’s school. Huzzah!

Though prostitution is legal in the UK it’s illegal to run a brothel and these shades of grey can leave sex workers vulnerable. Like most prostitutes in the UK, Amy did her business out of less than luxurious hotels to keep her costs down. She noted to reporters that working in these locations caused her to take more risks than she would have liked.

Fed up with her working conditions she and another woman rented a small flat to serve as their base of operations. With a little clever advertising she was able to drum up enough business to pay for the flat and turn a profit. Since her pop up doesn’t meet the legal definition of a brothel it hasn’t broken any laws yet.

However, she won’t be able to stay in one place for long without being raided, shutdown, and fined.

Always ones to keep up with the latest trends, the gorgeous and brilliant people at Pornhub opened their own pop up shop in New York City this Black Friday. Despite competing with some of the world’s finest boutiques on the busiest shopping day of the year, they held their own and managed to draw a crowd so big they had to queue down the street to meet a porn star and buy some Pornhub branded gear.

With all these hot commodities coming and going, it might be worth checking out what kind of pop up business are in your area. At the very least you could find a Halloween store still open and buy some heavily discounted decorations for next year.


Image: Lucia Love in Too Big For Buttfucking by Brazzers

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