Psychic-Pimp Fortune Teller Tricks Client Into Prostitution

by Calvin Clark on October 2, 2018

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One of my favorite episodes of the Twilight Zone is “Nick of Time.”

It’s about a man who becomes obsessed with the messages dispensed by a fortune telling machine and how he allows these predictions to take over his life. It’s one of the greatest episodes of the series because of how easy it is to identify with someone who is overly superstitious, and who offloads the responsibility of making his own life decisions.

The episode is especially poignant for me. When I quit my previous profession, I used a small electronic version of a magic 8ball to plan my next career path. 6 years later my life turned out exactly you would expect. Hmph!

Things could have been worse, I suppose. Take one woman from Japan who put so much trust in her fortune teller that she allowed the woman to manipulate her into becoming a prostitute. Leave it to a psychic to see that kind of potential in someone.

According to the Tokyo District Court the nefarious seer used her clairvoyance to determine the victim was gullible enough to believe she owed her money. After a little smoke and mirrors she foresaw the woman to moving into an apartment she owned to prostitute herself and pay off her fake debt. Yikes!

Two years later the woman figured out something wasn’t adding up and reported her fortune teller to the police. Guess she didn’t see that one coming.

A judge ordered the woman to pay the victim 90 million yen for brainwashing her into prostitution from 2011 to 2013, which is hopefully a lot more than what the psychic pimp pocketed from the whole arrangement.

While we certainly don’t want to make light of the plight this woman went through, it’s also pretty obvious she’s a few tarot cards short of a full deck for letting this happen. Hopefully she’s able to get the proper physical and mental healthcare she needs.

Now if you excuse me, I have to roll some dice to figure out if Pisces season is a good time for me to start looking for a job.

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