Public Sex OK in Guadalajara

by Alpha Harlot on September 11, 2018

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If I have anything to say about it, my wife and I will be vacationing in Guadalajara, Mexico next. A place where you can fuck in public without fearing arrest? I mean, come on. That basically has my name all over it.

There’s a new law on the books that says it’s cool to get sexually physical in public under the right circumstances.

The major reason why the Policing and Good Government Code modification was passed is because of crooked cops. It is fairly common for the police in the town to catch a couple going at it and then extort a bribe out of them in exchange for looking the other way. Everyone wants to avoid arrest, so the people would pay…making the cops richer and the sexually adventurous people poorer.

Fuck that, I say.

The new law now requires that the public sex can get a pass, as long as no private citizens have complained. If someone is put off by the sex, then the people participating will be detained by the police. That I can understand. If you’re fucking in the middle of the road, not everyone is going to be cool with watching. You have people in the area who haven’t consented to seeing your perversion. The sneaky fucking cops were just randomly catching people in alleys where no one could see. That’s how they’d make bank.

When you don’t have a private place to fuck, like a hotel or even a house, you take to the great outdoors in order to find some privacy. The whole point of this groundbreaking law is to provide a safe haven to people who aren’t bothering anyone. Some people who were forced to hand over money in exchange for staying out of jail weren’t even actually fucking, they were making out. The cops would stretch the truth to line their pockets.

It’s going to be interesting to see how the newly written law works out. Will people take advantage of the situation and cause lawmakers to regret their decision? I really hope not. It would be a shame for such a forward thinking piece of legislation to be overturned.

For now though, I’m going to start researching travel to Guadalajara. I’m sure my wife and I will be able to find some kind of vacant lot with our names all over it.

Here’s a FantasyHD clip from PornHub of a couple getting frisky in a laundry mat. It’s not something that I would do if I was on vacation, but if I was living there all the time, you best believe that no public space would be safe.

Source: ABC News

Image: Diamond Kitty and Phoenix Marie in Public Fucking in the Stretch Limo by Brazzers

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