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by MB on December 11, 2014

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Hello friends and listeners and thank you for being with us for another installment here on CED Radio hosted by Peeperz! Our guest today has caused quite a stir after winning AVN’s Webcam Girl of the Year award. She is the ravishing ginger known as Little Red Bunny! Also be sure to check out our other recent interviews with the brand spanking new Chanell Heart as well as our interview with the iconic rapper and chef Coolio. All our interviews can be downloaded for free so save them to your devices

Little Red Bunny (LRB) seemed to drop from the sky to many. She was awarded AVN’s Webcam Girl of the Year last year beating out many industry heavyweights. Since then many have taken notice and this year it comes as no surprise that she has been nominated once again. She doesn’t appear in adult films, she doesn’t preform on the dance circuit, none of the usual precursors for a webcam model. This has helped perpetuate her myth. All this interest in LRB has fueled much speculation and mystery surrounding LRB. Her personal life and roots are are a closely guarded secret. She clings to her privacy. This of course has only fueled the fire as more and more fans want to know more about her. She hails from New York City, was classically trained and a ballet dancer and is said to be one heck of a pianist. While this mystery may shroud her public persona, her success has arisen from something quite the opposite. Intimacy. Plain and simple her throngs of devoted web cam followers all say the same thing when singing the praises of LRB, She connects, really connects with people.

Many said that LRB’s style would not resonate with viewers. Most webcam girls conduct shows in brightly lit rooms with graphic sex acts. LRB does things a little different. Her shows are more dimly lit, her antics more sensual (she still gets nasty though) Its this style which has also helped distinguish her from so many others vying for the attention of webcam customers. LRB attributes her ability to connect with fans to her upbringing. She hung out almost entirely with men growing up and she credits this with giving her the ability to see life through the eyes of men. Makes sense to us. LRB tells MB about her plans for the future, upcoming appearances as well as a special sexy message for her fans. So tune in, get turned on and check out the elusive, captivating Little Red Bunny!

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Jump into Little Red Bunny’s rabbit hole via her website here ——————-> Hop!

Pet the fluffy bunny via her Twitter account here ————————-> Twatter!

Vote for Little Red Bunny for Webcam Girl of the year here ——————-> VOTE

Feast your Peeperz on LRB in our gallery below:

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