Rainey Qualley’s Tongue Is The Best Part Of My Day

by Lola Byrd on May 6, 2017

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Remember the good old days when you would use still images to get off? Okay, so if you were born after the internet had already taken over our lives you probably don’t remember that, but there was a time when the only “porn” I had access to were my brother’s porno magazines.

I would sneak into my bro’s room when no one was home, check the space between his mattress and the wall, and pull out an old wrinkled skin mag so I could get off to my heart’s content.

Obviously, I would try to ignore the fact that my brother used the same material to jerk off, but that wasn’t too hard to do, because as soon as I saw those illicit images my clit would start throbbing and my pussy would get yet.

Actually, I’m getting a little wet just thinking about it.

People who didn’t have access to porno mags (those poor souls) had to make due with their mother’s lingerie catalogues. Worse yet, I’ve heard tell of people jerking it to the underwear section in the Sears catalogue. I mean, that’s just sad.

Whatever works, I guess.

These days, people have an abundance of material to jerk off too and none of it is hidden. Mainstream fashion mags sold at every mom and pop store feature naked models, you can’t turn on your TV without seeing some nudity, and then there’s the internet, which is 99% porn and 1% cat videos.

It’s awesome, but I almost miss the days when porn was this illicit thing that was hard to get your hands on. It made everything hotter somehow. I can remember getting off to pictures that would do nothing for me today. And I know for a fact that a lot of hardcore porn aficionados find the idea of jerking off to a still image laughable.

I, on the other hand, am happy to report I still get turned on by a picture of someone’s tongue.

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