Rebecca Bagnol Is Sex Fantasy Goals In A Leather Harness

by Lola Byrd on June 27, 2017

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There’s construction going on next to me right now, so it’s hard to concentrate, but I’ll try my best to ignore the drilling that happening approximately three feet from my head. I should just move, but I’m sitting in the most comfortable spot and I refuse to move.

The dude with the drill should move, NOT ME! I know that makes no sense considering he’s probably building something or other that needs to be in the exact spot, but I don’t care about what makes sense. I only care about me. Me and MY feelings are the only things that matter here and everyone should act accordingly.

Construction noises can really drive a person mad. I remember one year when I was writing my philosophy final there was lots of construction going on all over campus and some jackass was using a jackhammer right outside of class all the while I had to write an essay on existentialism.

I’m pretty sure I temporarily lost my mind during that exam. I couldn’t concentrate because of the jackhammer, so I used the damn thing as an example in my essay to illustrate that free will means you bear the responsibility of your actions. I don’t remember exactly what I wrote, but it was brilliant and had something to do with wanting to kill that construction worker.

Ah existentialism, just one more thing the French got right. French movies, French food, French wines, French women… the French really do everything better!

Would Rebecca Bagnol have the same sex appeal if she was American instead of French? I don’t think so. The perfect curve of her tits, the slight puff of her nipples, the soft tangle of pubic hair are all quintessentially French attributes. Really? Did you just buy that? I’m so full of shit. Those are clearly worldwide attributes that have nothing to do with whether someone is French or not. I just had to get that word count. Fap, fap, fap, fap.

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  • I wanted to take philosophy in school but then I got sick of the whole school thing and said F that S in the A and dropped out of college.

    • Same. Sort of. I had enough credits to graduate with a three year degree, so I got out of there.

      • I went for one day and said fuck it.

        • I liked the whole loans and bursaries thing and not having to work for a living when the money ran out I was pretty much done.

          • I only had enough money to go for one semester and then I would have been out. Plus I was expected to work a full time job while going to school.

          • Bummer.

  • Cody111811

    Lovely. She wears it well.

    • She has very nice breasts and nipples.

      • Cody111811

        Gotta love those slightly swollen nips. Like the bush too.

        • Yeah, the slightly swollen nips are the best part.

  • stationgas

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