Red Cross Staffers Paid For Sex

by Alpha Harlot on March 4, 2018

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It sucks, but perverts like us often have to be very careful about how we spend our money when “The Man” checks up on our finances. I could never, ever have a government job. They’d take one look at all my Brazzers subscription purchases and be like, “GTFOH.”

It’s cool though.

I don’t need a government job anyway.

I’d much rather work in a tiny office where I can fuck myself on my desk after hours without fear of anyone catching me. All those cameras in the hallways and shit. That would totally kill the exhibitionist in me.

Boobs were meant to be seen, am I right, Peepz?

Here’s where the whole situation gets fucked up though.

Several employees of the International Red Cross have been sacked for paying for sexual services. The problem is that they are exploiting the people that they are supposed to be helping, and that is something that the IRC isn’t keen to stand behind. This is all just another drop in the bucket of the sexual misconduct that has been happening for years and years.

I think it’s fantastic that people are finally being held accountable for their inappropriate actions.

I also don’t believe that prostitution should be illegal though.

So it all depends on the situation case by case, I guess.

If some of the IRC employees were forcing themselves on people without consent, then fuck them.

But if they were getting blow jobs from willing parties who were only taking care of business, well…then that’s another side of the system that has yet to fix.

Here’s a PornHub clip from Crack Whore Confessions staring a pornstar prostitute. She’s got quite a few sad stories to tell and her head game is on point.

Be careful with her though…she’ll defend herself if you start acting up.

Source: CNN

Image: Kagney Linn Karter in Super Nurse by Brazzers

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