Republican Politician Refers To Women As What?

by FIONA WILDE on April 17, 2013

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Fiona Wilde is a staff writer and commentator for and a published author of erotic novels for Blushing Books. Fiona comes from a background as a journalist for a large daily newspaper, but moved into erotica after mainstream media could not pay enough to keep her an honest woman. Her columns can be found on and her novels are widely available on

I remember the first time I heard someone casually call a woman a cunt. It was about twelve years ago, when I was working as a night editor for a daily paper. On breaks I’d go hang out with the smokers on the loading dock. The smokers were a hodgepodge group of printing press and IT people, with maybe one or two newsroom types in the mix.

One of the IT people was a rather fractious, overweight woman with fading scars on her arms from where she used to cut herself. She was bipolar, drank Mountain Dew to excess and had a permanent tremble she blamed of the Lithium she took.

I liked her the best of all. She could always be counted on to say something outrageous, and one night she floored me by calling one of her co-workers a cunt.
At that time, “cunt” was one of the worst things you could call a woman. “Bitch,” “twat,” and even “whore” were losing their sting, having been overused to the point that the words were now being used playfully and – in the case of “bitch,” even in a complementary fashion.

When my colorful acquaintance used the word “cunt”, it was still pretty powerful. But now even that has changed. While still a pejorative, more and more people are using it to the point of dilution. And that includes women.

One of my Facebook friends throws the word around like confetti. Everyone’s a cunt. And now the word is kind of a joke. If it wasn’t, would we have coffee cups like this one?

Further evidence of the weakening of these insults can be found in a news item this week featuring New Hampshire Republican Peter Hansen, a state representative who penned an email referring to women opposing his stand-your-ground legislation as “vagina’s”. (sic)

I imagine Hansen sitting at his desk, trying to think of something really mean to call women and getting increasingly frustrated because none of the bad words were quite as bad they used to be. Pussies? Nope. Beavers? Nope. Twats? Nope.

One can only imagine his despair when he finally said, “Fuck it. I’ll just call them vaginas. No one’s used that word in a while.”

That’s not to say people still can’t get offended with the casual use of perjoratives. It happens. The other day I was at a fruit stand and the owner had this obviously pregnant cat. He was telling me how he tried to keep her inside when she was in heat but couldn’t.

“Your cat’s a whore,” I said.

He gasped and dropped my cucumbers all over the ground.

Some people still are sensitive if you call a pussy a whore, I guess. But whatever. He’s just a guy who runs a fruit stand. Most people are more desensitized.

And yeah, some would argue that it’s a bad thing when we can’t be shocked, or have gotten to the point that we’re playfully calling each other cunts. But look, it’s also a good thing because that leaves poor Mr. Jensen with nothing to call us. So what does he do? He ends up coming full circle and calling us vaginas.

What a douche.

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