Retirement Home Hires Pole Dancers To Entertain Your Grandpa

by RICK RODAY on March 11, 2018

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Thanks to advancements in medical science humans are living longer than ever, and as a result we are now also facing a surplus of old people. While most of these seniors are fully capable of living on their own there comes a time for some when that isn’t an option. Taking care of elderly family members is becoming a far more common responsibility than it was a few generations ago.

In some countries those who need a little help choose to live in retirement communities where they can be around people their own age while receiving care. However, what goes on in these places is often a mystery to outsiders and people too busy to visit their grandparents.

We like to believe our loved ones are sitting quietly around fire while drinking mugs of soup and telling stories about us, but that’s not necessarily the case. Elderly people are just like everyone else and like to watch fit women twirl around brass poles in their underwear.

This is apparently the case at the Fairmile Grange retirement home in Dorset, England where a company of pole dancers was brought in to perform for residents. While well received by those in attendance, the show was deemed “inappropriate” by local prudes. Hmph.

Pole dancing as an artform is a wholesome activity enjoyed by millions of people around the world. It’s also heavily associated with strippers and is essentially indistinguishable from sex work by the average schmuck. Still the moves performed by pole dancers are often provocative and because skin contact with the pole is essential, it’s often done by people wearing as little clothing as possible.

Basically, it’s sexier than river dancing but far from erotic. It’s not like anyone is running a brothel out of the building or anything.

In response to local politicians who were shocked by the facility’s choice of entertainment, bosses at Fairmile Grange say the residents picked it themselves. After requests for more modern forms of entertainment they were given a list of activities to chose from. Having a local pole dancing company come in to perform was the overwhelming favorite.

A spokesperson from the company that operates the home says they are “proud to challenge stereotypes and will continually offer our residents the choice to experience appropriate, new and progressive activities.”

I sure hope society has progressed far enough when I’m old for actual strippers to be welcomed in retirement homes. Better yet maybe those sex robots will have some sort of nursing function and nobody will have to worry about what me and my sexy robo-nurse do behind closed doors.


Image: Amy Brooke in Amy Brooke Works the Pole by Brazzers

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