The Return Of Paz Vega To Haunt Your Waking Dreams

by Lola Byrd on July 8, 2015

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Paz Vega, not to be confused for Paz De La Huerta, is one of the sexiest women alive. I have two words, I mean three words for you: “Sex and Lucia.” If you’re not familiar with Paz and her body of work I suggest you drop whatever it is you are doing right now and seek that movie out like it is the answer to all your prayers.

Not only is it a great fucking movie, but it features lots of nudity and crazy sex scenes. It’s one of Paz’s best performances.

You might also recognize the Spanish beauty from the Adam Sandler vehicle Spanglish where she plays a lovely nanny who doesn’t speak English. Paz’z character in Spanglish is rather conservative, but there’s a scene where she’s talking to Adam Sandler’s character on the beach and the wind does something really spectacular with her dress.

If you’re a fan of Pedro Almodovar you might recognize her as the woman who makes love to a shrinking lover in the silent movie within the movie Talk to Her. It’s bizarre, and touching, and involves a whole lot of nudity for Paz Vega.

I don’t know how she’s perceived as an actress in her native Spain, but I can tell you she’s definitely underrated on this side of the Atlantic. She should be getting all the awards, and all the movie roles… not just blog posts about her amazing boobs. I mean, they are amazing, but let’s give Paz Vega all the love, not just the love of her boobs.

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  • If this was Paz De La Huerta (I do get her and Paz vega confused sometimes) there would probably be a lot more butt hole in these pictures, but also a lot more drunken trashiness. Vega = classy De La Huerta = trashy

    • Yup, and I LOVE them both!!

      • Sometimes you feel like class. Sometimes you feel like trashy B hole.

        • Sometimes you feel like class going into trashy B hole.

  • Zach Becvar

    I remember after Spanglish came out, there was a bunch of talk about how Paz was going to be the next Salma Hayek.

    • Never really panned out. I mean, she gets roles, but nothing that really showcases her talents. I’ll have to check and see if she’s done anything interesting in Spanish lately.

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