Rick Roday Reviews The Vstroker Virtual Sex System!

by RICK RODAY on July 10, 2012

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We just finished up our Peeperz Vstroker Contest (winner to be annouced tomorrow) but Pornhub and the Pornhub Newsletter are running their own contest to win a signed Lisa Ann Fleshlight and Vstroker with the Lisa Ann interactive video, wouldn’t you like to fuck Lisa Ann, click this link to enter: Pornhub Vstroker Contest. To know more about what you could be winning we sent a Vstroker Virtual Sex System down to our very own Rick Roday, here’s his review:

We live in a world where technology makes everything in our lives easier yet most of us masturbate the same way our great grandfathers did. Sure, we have access to better pornography and some of you might even have a Fleshlight, the bacon of masturbatory aides, but we’re still mainly using our imaginations to interact with the media we are watching. Surely, with all the science we have now, somebody could do something about this.

Enter the Vstroker – a small device that screws onto the back of a standard Fleshlight turning it into a motion sensitive experience. All you have to do is unscrew the rear cap of your Fleshlight and screw on the Vstroker device which contains some electronics and a pair of AA batteries. The Vstroker interacts with your computer by way of a USB adapter that more or less looks like a flash drive. Installing the adapter requires no software or rebooting, and is as simple as plugging it in and waiting for a few seconds.

Once completed, you’re basically left with a Wiimote you can fuck.

What can you do with something like this? All kinds of wonderful things.

Simply purchasing the Vstroker entitles you to a fair amount of free content through a 14 day trial. This gives you access to a number of videos shot from a POV (point of view) angle that look something like this.

You have your standard video controls, a power bar that indicates how hard you are fucking, and a way to skip around the scenes.

Essentially, the videos play normal speed up until the actual sex scenes, at which point you take over how fast the action unfolds. The faster you pump, the higher the power gauge rises and the faster the video plays. This is a very fluid process and you really do develop a synergy with what’s happening on screen. If you are the type who likes to keep rhythm with performers on screen, this is definitely something you will be into.

If you wish to quietly and politely pleasure yourself, simply maintain a steady rate of pumping and keep the power bar centered and the video will follow suit. If you decide to throw caution to the wind and ravage yourself, just increase your work rate and the video speeds up with you. It’s pretty much straight out of Hogwarts.

When the power bar falls to empty, the video cuts to a small clip with a different message depending on the actress. Some assume you have climaxed and encourage the process, while others seductively beg you to resume. Each video includes a climax scene where the actresses take their money shot, and you do whatever it is you do. Personally, for the sake of clean up I always pull out of my Fleshlight. Such a gentleman!

The free trial and membership give you access to these videos, and there are currently about 7 of these videos up with regular updates on the way. If you prefer a more professionally produced experience, there are also a la carte options which can be purchased through Vstroker. These premium videos cost about $10, and are produced by big names from the industry featuring some heavy hitting names. Vstroker was kind enough to send me a pair of these and I lost count of how many times I came to the Lisa Ann video.

 The interface for the premium videos are the same as the standard ones, but the production has clearly been stepped up. If you’re an Asa Akira fan you will definitely want to check out her premium video- reviewing both of these videos on consecutive days resulted in a form of exhaustion only those of you who own a Fleshlight can relate to.

 One thing I would like to see more of from these premium videos is a sense of role play to heighten the experience. Maybe something where the viewer is a cable man dispatched to help Misty Stone with a problem and then, oh noes! We’re fucking. However, with regular updates on the way there is no telling what is in store for we, the viewers.

Now, the final and maybe most interesting thing you can do with your Vstroker is have a romp in the virtual world. If you were one of those people that spent hours creating an avatar in Second Life that looked like Mrs. Rucker, your 7th grade science teacher just so you could passionately fuck it – then do I have a deal for you.

3D Sex Villa 2 is a sex game created specifically for Vstroker owners.

Inside of the game you can pick a scenario, customize a male or female avatar to look however you want, and then proceed to have sex with it. When I say have sex with it, I don’t mean push some buttons and watch a 3D version of yourself handle business, I mean you get to power up your Vstroker and actually fuck what you created. The faster you pump, the harder your avatar bangs. It’s like the Wii game we always hoped they would make.

 There are an overwhelming number of options, and you can completely customize this experience however you wish. You can even record videos of what you’re doing to share with family or friends, or whoever you would show something like that to. If you don’t have the time to create all of that, there are a handful of readymade “quick play” scenarios that you can jump right into.

Overall, the Vstroker add-on is a very powerful little piece of hardware. If you’re a fan of POV, or point of view porn (shot so that you feel like the cameraman getting blown/fucked) then this is the product you have been waiting for. If you purchase one and simply enjoy the 14 day free trial, you will not be disappointed. For those of you who continue with a paid membership, there are a ton of features available and a number of interesting things on the way.

Given what I’ve already seen with this thing, I can only imagine how interactive the live cams will be once those are operational.


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