Rita Ora Is The New Rihanna With See-Through Sweaters

It finally happened, Rita Ora has finally been able to garner the kind of media attention that Rihanna used to get. There was a time when Rihanna would appear on Peeperz every other day wearing a black see-through sweater without a bra.

It’s a good shtick, all Rita needs to do to really make it to the number one spot is get her nips pierced and then she can preside over the smut tabloids like our favorite Caribbean Queen.

Speaking of tabloids, I read somewhere yesterday that Rita’s ex Calvin Harris is now (possibly?) dating Taylor Swift. Of course, all the gossip mags have to go on are a couple picture of the two hanging out in Nashville. As far as we know the whole thing can be work related. Calvin, after all, is a– ah, who cares.

Rita Ora has really nice boobs, the kind of boobs that plastic surgeons would love to be able to re-create. They have that nice tear shape that is almost impossible to mimic with big fake boobs. Technology is catching up, however, and the tear shaped implant is becoming increasingly available.

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Image: Rita Ora paparazzi pic

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  • Glad Rita is getting more in the spot light cause she’s real purdy. I have no idea what her music sounds like though.

    • Me either.

      • I’ve heard it’s not very good. But that’s coming from people on the Internet. And they are usually stupid.

        • People on the Internet can’t be trusted. (Except us, obviously.)