Rita Ora Topless & Glorious For Lui Magazine By Terry Richardson

by Lola Byrd on February 3, 2016

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I don’t know how many Rita Ora posts I’ve done on Peeperz, but I feel like it’s been a lot. Today, I finally got curious enough to check out her music on YouTube. I know, how is it possible that I’ve gone all this time without hearing her sing at least once? I don’t listen to the radio for one, so that probably helps and even if I did hear something or other hear and there I probably had no idea what I was hearing.

I’ve listened to three different songs on Youtube so far and I’m got to admit that she’s not the worst, but she’s close enough. I kid, I kid, she’s not bad, I just don’t like her music though. Thank God, she has great tits, because clearly that’s what most people care about. I wouldn’t know who Rita Ora is without those tits. You gotta be grateful for the small things (or big things in this case).

Terry Richardson who is still being hired by magazines despite the controversy surrounding his inappropriate behavior during photoshoots took these amazing pics of Rita for Lui Magazine. I think this is the closest we’ve come to seeing her fully nude. There’s a great frontal shot of her boobs and a great side shot of her ass. All we’re missing now is beaver and we’d have a full picture. #fingerscrossedforanupskirt

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